The Most Powerful Fengshui is Simply the Trinity Union of Heaven .. Earth .. Man – 天地人 三合


How to Unleash Your Innate Talent and Tap Into Your Highest Potential?


Date Selection is Actually very important tool. Why is it so Powerful When Coupled With Fengshui & Bazi?


How Can it Help With Winning at Work and in Love?

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About me

Since 2012, Teri Cheow had been in the metaphysical field of consulting. Institutions, SMEs and private clients had sought her service for Fengshui Audits,Bazi Profiling for key positions hiring, compatibility between business associates, date selections for important life events and general advisories on issues related to metaphysical matters.

Our Services

1. Bazi Consultation

2. Bazi Luck & Energy Healing

3. Residential & Commercial Feng Shui Services

4. Almanac Date Selection

5. Qi Men Dun Jia Art of War Date Selection

Our Fengshui Port Folio

Below are some of our past project in our Fengshui Port Folio

Condo Front

Herford Collections

Defining your own success journey is a prerequisite to achieving desires and goals.

Success is not a destination that one can take a cruise ship, hope for good weather and docked at the habour front.

Success is a turbulent process of creation and destruction. Success is never stagnant and in fact is being redefined all the time.

There is no accidental success, only temporary good luck.


Bear that in mind, while success can be accidental and by luck … such phenomena are not sustainable. Long term success only happens to people who consistently engage their instincts, while navigating the world we are living in.

Chinese Metaphysics provides the knowledge that empowers and motivates people to shift certain behavioural patterns which unknowingly blocked them from making meaningful steps to achieving their goals.

It can be applied to numerous scenarios and endeavours to bring out the best in peoples so that they can perform better at work, be happier with life and be spiritually at peace. Famously known as the 天⼈地合⼀ (Heaven earth human harmony).


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Feng Shui is an ancient metaphysical practice which can help anyone attain a better quality of life. Achieve elemental balance to create higher levels of harmony in your surroundings, for the benefit of all who enter the space. With Feng Shui services, you can improve health, increase prosperity and harmonise relationships whether you’re in Singapore or abroad.

Feng Shui For Business, Homes and More

In Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region, fengshui is widely practiced in homes and workplaces to help restore tranquillity. With our services, you can access the wisdom of our principal consultant online from wherever you are in the world – from Singapore to the U.S.A. and all countries in-between.

Join thousands of clients worldwide who have benefitted from the fengshui expertise of Singapore’s Adelina Pang. From everyday citizens, to corporations and even royalty, Adelina has offered personalised guidance to them all. When you come to us, you’ll get a custom audit of superlative quality to refer back to again and again.