2 months into 2017 … Have you discover this about the Fire Rooster year?

The Fire Rooster Year holds great promise as one of the most romantic years ever in recent history. 
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Based on Xuan Kong Flying Star Fengshui, one of the minor romantic stars – 1 White Greedy Wolf is being drawn into to the center of every household. Under the influence of this star, the singles will be turbocharged with the insane feelings of falling in love with someone – can be anyone. Quickly and whimsically within days of meeting someone online, they will be talking about moving in together, checking their finances to qualify for a home loan and fighting over the names of their kids who are not even born yet.


Ok, that’s a bit of a stretch. But love can be blind, totally insane and illogical according to google. That is why you have come to the right place to read about the romantic 2017 and swear to yourself , never and ever will you be under the control of the super romantic Fengshui crazy star! 


By the way apart from that,  the rooster of 2017 happens to be one of the 4 super Peach Blossom Stars, known to be governing the sensuality, seduction, lust and intense attraction. Often when the rooster year comes around, there will be many instances of sexual scandals too. Though from a good point of view, this star is helpful human harmony and marriage. 


animated-cupid-image-0040This two alignment of the time and space romance energy, we do not get this often. It is as though the greek cupid, the chinese yue lao gong gong and Rati the indian love goddess had decided to ride into town together this year! 
So with both of these stars coming into play, watch out 2017, you can expect more love-at-first-sight to happen!
So we have all heard of the Peach Blossom aka Flower of Romance aka Taohua etc and how it affects our love life, but there is more to it than meets the eye!


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What exactly is a Peach Blossom Star or 桃花 ? 
In Chinese metaphysical context, 桃花 aka Peach Blossom or Flower of Romance star refers to a brief period when a person will experience a sudden surge of interest or admiration from the opposite sex, peers and people in general. It will appear as if the subject is suddenly imbued with charisma and an attractive energy.


It have other meanings too which will be discussed in future. 


Do i have Peach Blossom Star or 桃花 ?


Of course! Everyone will have some kind of 桃花 Peach Blossom luck.
Depending on your birth chart, there are generally 2 categories – 1) “inborn” Peach Blossom Starsand 2) “Floating” Peach Blossom Stars. 


“Inborn” Peach Blossom Stars – 命带桃花 Some people are born with a minimum of one to maximum of four Peach Blossom Stars in their charts. If one is born with favourable Peach Blossom Stars, he or she will enjoy a life full of adoration and affection from surrounding people. Take note that Peach Blossom Stars energy has nothing to do with physical looks. However though, “inborn” Peach Blossom Stars are generally blessed with above average looks and facial features, being more well-groomed than others or they might have some kind of “poetic” quality which inspires strong feelings of desire and passion from others. Many successful movie stars have “inborn” peach blossom stars, clearly displayed in their birthday. 


The most famous case study is Emperor Qian Long in the Qing Dynasty, His Majesty had a “full-house” of romance stars in his birth-chart. In real life, he was famous for being the most “romantic” Emperor during his time with one of the biggest harem of concubines. Emperor Qian Long was also allegedly the favourite “grandson” of his saintly grandfather – Emperor Kang Xi. In fact, some historians theorised that Emperor Kang Xi had preferentially 隔世传位 (bypass generational appointment the royal throne). In order to make his favourite grandson the eventual Emperor, Emperor Kang Xi appointed Qianlong’s father, the next-in-line Emperor Yong Zheng to be his successor. 


Bazi of Emperor Qian Long. All his Taohua stars are activated.
Extreme fortune and prestige.
All his subordinates adored him, consolidating his power position.
“Floating” Peach Blossom Stars – 流年桃花 Referring to people not born with Peach Blossom Stars。 Fret not, all of us will undergo a time period where we “blossom” like a flower. This period can be in terms of one year, a few months, day or hour where our Peach Blossom Stars will come “floating” in, and then they will “float” away. It is more temporary in nature, but it is equally powerful and useful. 


When one’s “floating” peach blossom stars are shinning brightly, it can be very bewildering and powerful. You might suddenly attract interest everywhere. Flirtation from people you had least expected, Uber drivers, postmen, or even married people who are not supposed to flirt! However many of these perceptions of flirtations are harmless, basically people are just suddenly interested in you, what you have to say, what are your thoughts etc during this period of time. Many will also enjoy an elevated busy social life, with invitations coming everywhere. 


So you can imagine how this can be useful for the single people who are looking for partners. However Peach Blossom does not always means opposite sex attractions. It can be immensely useful for career as well, as you will be more pleasing to the eye for the management team or your clients. Many movie stars also make a lot of movies or commercials during their “floating” peach blossom periods. 


How to find my Peach Blossom Star or 桃花 ?


Refer to the chart below. Match your zodiac birth year to your corresponding Peace Blossom Zodiac. You will see that Everyone will have either the Rat, horse, rabbit and rooster as their represented 桃花. The Year star is referred to 本年桃花, loosely translated to your personal year Peach Blossom Star.


If you are born in year of Rat, then in Rooster year (2017), your entire year will be strong with Peach Blossom Year, love is in the air and will take centre stage across many things you do! 


Rooster resided in the West direction. If you will like to boost your Peach Blossom, you can work with some love crystals (rose quartz) at this direction. As it is also a metal element, visiting places strong in metal energy may boost your attraction luck and do wonders for your social life. Metal is an element representing authenticity and purity, be confident and courageous in expressing your true-self to your potential partner this year! 



Why some people seem to elude more sexiness or charisma than others? 

It has something to do with how many such stars resided in your chart and are these stars “activated”


Many people will have at least 2 Peach Blossom Stars available for enhancement. Enhancing these stars have traditionally brought about a positive Peace Blossom Effect to one’s social life. 

Any qualified destiny reader can help you identify the presence of other Peach blossoms carried on your other pillars. This is also particularly useful for Fengshui interior plans for residential houses. I have audited a house for a client yearning for romance by especially activating all her Peach Blossom directions in the house and retrospective analysis had indeed seen an increased stream of suitors in her life. 


One thing to take note though, from Chinese metaphysics point of view, too many 桃花 in chart can also mean difficulties in meeting the right one and resulting in a disastrous love life. 


In old classic textbooks, there was a notable case of a famous prostitute with “full house” 桃花 together with the case study of Emperor Qian Long. Due to feudal society values back in those days, men with full house 桃花 are considered favourably as a sign of power and prestige while you know, the ladies are more antagonistically treated. But those times are behind us and gender equality is thankfully trending. 


Bottom line is, too much of a good thing may become a bad thing. 

Do you know, from the position of the Peach Blossom star in your bazi may reveal your propensity for cheating on your partners?



Or even the likelihood of them cheating on you! 


Peach Blossom star have broad applications in life. If actioned upon wisely at the right time, one can achieve fame and success in terms of public relations and recognition. 


But Peach Blossom are afterall related to 色. It has other names e.g. salty pool 咸池 or “in shower” 沐浴. Somewhat carrying connotations of sexuality, nakedness and enjoyment in water. Anecdotal records had shown that that humans feel turned on by water. 

That is also why the Rat water element Peach Blossom Star –  is generally much more sexually linked, scandalous compared to other elements. 

If you are the inborn birth chart types, you can have one to maximum four Peach Blossom star in according to the hour, day, month and year of birthday. From there, we can further categorise based on position of the star of You or your spouse being more likely to cheat if the Peach Blossom Star is the ….


Outer Wall Peach Blossom 墙外桃花 
The Peach Blossom star is born from your hour and day of your birthday. 


Also in general, if the Peach Blossom Star is associated with other attributes such as money and expression, this sort of chart shows more adventurous side and lacking with regards with family and rules.


This has been proven very accurate in my experience, especially when couples show up for readings together for relationship matters and both are showing outer wall peach blossoms in their charts. Indicating likelihood to cheat on each other at least once in their relationships, more likely to be emotionally unfaithful, or emotionally TOO available. Hence it is important to be honest with each other else conflicts will never stop. 


In comparison, the “safer” Peach Blossom Star is the …


Inner Wall Peach Blossom 墙内桃花 
The Peach Blossom star is born from your month and year pillar.  


As month and year pillars are often linked to family life, Peach Blossom Stars here are generally more of a personal charisma or having attractive good looking like movie stars parents. Hence the person is also likely to be a lucky genetic inheritor of good genes and good looks, easier to be popular anyway. 


In addition, if the Peach Blossom Star is associated with other attributes e.g. resources and power. This mean this person may or may not be a flirt but he or she will definitely be more in control and will not break the rules easily. 


How to harness the knowledge of Peach Blossom Star?


If you are single, take note of the time period and suggested places to frequent. Much higher odds to be sociable and meeting Mr to Miss Destiny. 


If you are depressed due to a recent break up, do not be despair as lady peach blossom luck is smiling at you. Now go out and meet new people! 


If you are already married, take note that temptations will grow stronger during this period. Always, always remember Peach Blossom Luck can be only temporary but love is forever. 


If you are a movie star, public speaker or any line of work where you had been sidelined for a while. Peach Blossom star can hopefully boost your confidence and charisma, motivate and encourage you to stay happy and beautiful. 


For more Peach Blossom Star or 桃花 insights or how to enhance your star power,  sign up for a love destiny reading with Master Teri Cheow. 

Alternatively stay tuned for a workshop where Master Teri Cheow will touch on Peach Blossom Star cases and provides insights on:
  • Understand yourself and your potential to love
  • Understanding your partners from Bazi point of view and improve the quality of your relationships
  • Why many breakups are necessary for some birth charts

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