Boss from hell: A Bazi perspective on how to stop my boss from hating me?

The short answer is … the higher the bazi compatibility between your boss and yourself, the better the odds of your survival working for him. Yes you passionately hated his guts … and the feelings are  mutual. 


However! Do you wonder about those few people who seem to be able to anticipate the boss’s mood, make him laugh and forgive their most unbelievable careless mistakes while you got kick around for the slightest shit? How did they become the pets and YOU, the pet peeves? 


To be honest usually, these people do not have special skills or per se. Granted the consideration that few may or may not have offer “special” services to be in that position … However, you do observe that when the tree falls (i.e. the bad boss got transferred out), these previously blue-eyed monkeys will disperse too, right? 


Actually, when one drill down into the individual’s Bazi chart and investigate everyone’s elements objectively, illuminating information often follows. After all, before technology and all that jazz, Bazi analysis was the state of the art, scientific, statistical model for the ancient Chinese civilisation lasted till now. Over 6000 over years old.


So the Hollywood …. sorry … White House had been trending the headlines globally ever since the world began to adjust their consciousness around President Donald Trump. Currently, the White House is probably the most “exciting place” to work with one of the highest turnover of staff members amongst its many unusual accolades.


The latest “victim” was none other than “The Mooch” – Anthony Scaramucci who lasted merely 10 days. As twitter gold had suggested, very bad menses had lasted longer than the mooch.



According to the news, the new Chief of Staff John Kelly was the one who urged President Trump to squeeze the trigger. After analysing both gentlemen’s bazi, it is quite apparent why the match is not made in heaven.


The Mooch (the subordinate) vs The General (his boss)


Picture credit to world best bazi calculator”
The Mooch is likely a special category birth chart (without birth hour). Based on this, his chart will be the rare – extremely strong Yang Wood. Extreme strong charts are relatively rare in the wild wide world. My estimation so far is i will see 1 in 25 birth charts passing my desk?


Personality wise: Extremely likeable and appreciated to few persons only, bluer than blue cheese. Usually extremely dislike by common folks due to their very obvious oblivion for things, values or beliefs which are seen as common sense to the vast majority. So that is why these people ostracized a lot, they are not team players. They are born as leaders wannabe. They are the happiest when focusing on being the most authentic form of themselves and screw the rest. People of such charts will have potential to do well in unique situations; can be high places but high risk of being one hit wonders. Usually extremely unlucky when unfavourable elements come around and overnight night changes are common and normal in their lifetime as they are quite used to it already. Common folks with these charts have to be aware of other people’s thoughts and feelings and prevent yourselves from drastic changes if you can help it.


  • Favourable elements are Wood and Water.
  • Dislike Fire, Earth and metal (power element is like a wild card, can swing both ways. Some people branded Power element as the double headed snake). 
  • Later when you see his boss’s chart, you will see that his boss’s elements are at least 90% Fire & Metal. 


Long term luck (10 years influence in chart) 己未:凶
The Mooch’s long luck is Earth over Earth. Not favourable. Earth is his money/wife/gfs so his primary concern is money & women.  Perhaps General John Kelly can clearly see/sense the Mooch’s weakness for money from a mile away. As we know, temptations to money and women caused many downfalls in politics since the dawn of time. Yep, if i was Russian, it is not difficult for me to send my hottest lady spies or just throw money his way till it works. The Mooch is not exactly that difficult anyway being the big mouth as he is according to the media reports.


Short term luck (Year by Year)


2017 丁fire酉metal
Fire over metal. Still his unfavourable elements. Primally manifested through his performance and thirst for power as Fire is his intelligence element and metal, his status. This can be tricky for him for sure, he is in the white house and he got to give briefings. Therefore it flips the other way, became negative performance and egotistical to bring on enemies fast.


2018 戊earth戌earth:凶 Money concerns.
Again, earth over earth next year. Danger to money struggles and women scandals
continue to taint his luck.


The boss – Chief of Staff (General John Kelly)
Credit to world best bazi calculator”
John Kelly is a straight forward strong Yang Fire element -the Sun element. They will radiate energy like the Sun, wants to be noticed and praised. He is seen as “strict” and “fierce” due to the 2 metal elements in the heavenly branches. He cares about other people’s opinions, likes to be admired and secretly wishes he can be more flamboyant. They can be quite self-absorbed and in love with themselves – a Yang Fire quality. There is only one sun in the sky and they are the hottest and shined the brightest. His favourable elements are Earth, Metal and Water (power element – double head snake). His unfavourable elements are Wood and Fire.


Since the mooch is classified as extremely strong wood … this dynamic between the gentlemen’s birth charts is an instant “hate at first sight.” John Kelly simply cannot stand the mooch. Why does the wood element riled John Kelly up? Innately, Bazi is about achieving balance and harmony. When our Bazi is more balanced, we will feel more comfortable while the opposite is true. For John Kelly, the wood element will push his own bazi chart out of balance and so intuitively he rejects the mooch right away. No second chance given and no questions asked.


Long term luck (10 years influence in chart): 丁亥 中吉
How does good luck work for you? When one is in luck, what you want you will likely get. However the caveat its, human beings can want things which can be bad for them. E.g. smoking, drinking, eating unhealthy food etc. So good luck does not mean people will become smarter though it is likely that one can get what they want really badly.


In comparison to the Mooch, John Kelly’s long term luck is better and above average lucky category. Therefore it is a piece of cake for him to kick the mooch out using Trump’s hand.


Short term luck (Year by Year) 
2017 丁fire酉metal吉中带小人
In 2017, John Kelly’s luck is above average but it will also bring on competition and inviting back-stabbing from the “little detractors”.


2018 戊earth戌earth:吉 He wants freedom)
In 2018, John Kelly will be in good luck territory. He will likely to be rebellious and defy Donald Trump though, because earth is his intelligence and action elements. He will perhaps quit in 2018. Another one bites the dust?


Later in the week, I will analyse Part 2 and examine Donald’s team group dynamics. Who has the best luck and whose luck sucks. Stay tuned!

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