Fengshui Care Service 2 – 60 secs Good Luck Tips on 开门 First Footing Day!

In addition, you may like to know there are some simple lucky tips which our forebears had observed during moving:



Opening Door – When you had first received your keys and opening door to you new house for the first time, take heed not to bring sharp things with you into new house for the first time. Instead fill your pockets with some money, lucky objects e.g. lucky wealth crystals, Ang Pows, candies etc. This is a good start to signify that the house will always receive abundance and harmony.




3 knocks on the door before entrance – Some clients do this and I thought it can be justified. Knock on wood is a common practice to neutralise some malevolent outbursts or thoughts, i am sure you have seen people doing it before. Now, most doors are made of wood; 3 in Chinese HeTu numbers is a yang ()  number and a wood element. So when you knock 3 times on the door before entrance, it has a symbolic meaning of neutralising stagnant energies and bringing some vital Yang Chi into your new place. So it depends on various culture, but no harm doing it.


Do not scold your kids or your spouse in public – No matter how stressful and annoying they are, smile at everyone and new neighbours on moving day. It is like observing Chinese New Year.

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