House Friendly Simplified Move in Procedures


Preparations – Bring with you the below items
House owners / items Prep List:


  1. 厨神七宝 “柴米油盐酱醋茶  The 7 Treasures of Kitchen God
 A box of matchsticks
 A pack of rice (cooked or uncooked does not matter)
 A bottle of cooking oil
 A pack of salt
 A bottle of sweet sauce (甜甜蜜蜜 sweetness symbolises happiness, harmony, intimacy)
 A bottle of vinegar (white or black does not matter)
 A box of tea bags or tea leaves


Optional: Tie red ribbon around the items as red symbolises good luck, good start, positive energy. If you are short of time, you can also paste red dot coding stickers commonly found in stationery shops on the items. The bigger the better.


2) 磁场能量净化 Energy Cleansing
A bundle of Sage leaves or Palo Santo wood for energy cleansing.


Why? To discharge negative energy of house occupants prior to entering new house and also to discharge stagnant energy left behind in the physical space due to prolonged emptiness or previous occupants’ residual energy


3) 旺旺凤梨 A Pineapple


Why? Pineapple is regarded as a traditional lucky fruit as Chinese Hokkien pronounced it as “Ong Lai (旺来) and used (ancestors praying or simply eaten) in many traditional activities. Rolling it later for the ushering in auspicious wealth energy “Huat” purposes.


4) 糖果 A pack of candies


6) Everyone entering the house on the day: Have a red packet ready in pocket with 8 bucks inside.


7) 阳宅习俗完成 电热水壶 Electric Kettle – Boil first pot of water in new house
Signify completion and assuming ownership of living space


8) 择日入宅 An auspicious day for move in ceremony
Important: Choose an auspicious day or/and hour for day for move in ceremony
Why?: A long tradition of Chinese to start right. The beginning of every activity and decision is considered important for the Chinese. The birthday of babies are also regarded as significant. Chinese held the beliefs that a good start will ensure a successful and smoother journey with less obstacles.


On chosen date to perform moving in ceremony


  1. Smudge yourselves and the perimeters of the door prior to stepping into the house
  2. Open the door and “roll” the pineapple into the house from the entrance. Just leave the pineapple there until the ceremony is completed.
  3. Hand-carry the 7 treasures into the house. Go to the kitchen and lay it out on the counter. Or you can also place it on the floor of the living room.
  4. Open all windows, switch on all the lamps and run the taps for a minute or two. This is to create the new circulation of energy in the house.
  5. Boil a kettle of water in the kitchen. While waiting for the kettle to boil proceed to next step.
  6. Now you will smudge the interior of the house with remaining sage, frankincense or palo santo. Pay attention to the 4 corners and smudge till the energy is lighter. While smudging, say auspicious things e.g. I am (NameXXX), I give thanks to the abundance energy, i am moving in now. Huat ah! Say all the nice things to yourself.
  7. After the water is boiled. The ceremony is complete. The infusion of new owner energy is completed.
  8. You can now close all the windows, switch off all the lights, check that the stove is safely switched off.
  9. You can remove the pineapple now or the next day. Just throw it away in a bin.
Things to take note of:


新房入宅禁忌~ On day itself of moving ceremony


Cannot go in empty handed. All can bring money in.
Do not bring sharp objects in.


Do not argue with anyone or scold people or break stuff.

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