2017 Dog Forecast

The Ardent Dog 



2017 Dog Forecast 


“Harm” Tai Sui (Grand Duke): People born in year of Dog is one of the 4 zodiacs which will have conflict relationship with the Tai Sui in 2017. There are also 阴煞、天空、晦气 bad stars around which will impact your judgement adversely, causing misunderstandings with your business associates, friends and loved ones. 


Career: The work place is likely to be less friendly, colleagues will be more untrusting towards each other. Always remember to apply your soft-skills, focus on improving interpersonal relationships and all will be well. Why make more enemies and generate ill feelings over small matters if you can enhance communication over a nice cuppa? Take this chance to discuss strategies with the relevant departments as they might just present new perspectives, new opportunities for your projects. 


Money matters: Business owners, your pride is constant battling with your rational mind in 2017, becoming extra sensitive to criticism. Try not to draw “gun-fire” your way by staying low profile. Especially when working on social marketing, always be diplomatic and professional online. The bad stars will attract more troublemakers to come and make life difficult for no apparent reason, leading to bad publicity and bad will for all. Fret not, the second half of the year will see most matters settling down and you can take a breather. 


Heart matters: This year, people born in year of dog are likely to have stomach related issues e.g. indigestion issues in May, June period. Choose a balanced diet over unhealthy food. 


Family matters: Students similarly may encounter external distractions and may be subjected to bullying incidents in school, so parents do pay more attention if there is sudden change in your school children’s behavior.


Romance & Relationships: Couples take heed, this year is likely to have more frequent quarrels and conflicts arising due to less time spent with each other. No matter how stressful other aspects of your life are, remember it will always be fruitful to reserve the best side of you for your loved ones. For singles, take note Feb and Mar are good months to socialise.


Bonus Tarot Card Messages for Dog Zodiac 




Despite the ups and lows, people born in year of dog can look forward to a productive year with better luck in some months. A forward-looking Bazi reading based on your unique birthday will give more insights on how to navigate the year ahead. Sign up for our mailing list for news on group meditation sessions or call us for a Bazi reading and/or to get our practitioners to customize a natural energy healing program for you, to help navigate 2017 with greater success!

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