2017 Monkey Forecast

The Dynamic Monkey 



2017 Monkey Forecast


People born in the year of Monkey had finally emerged victorious after clashing with the Tai Sui for 1 year, which had caused major inconveniences and disruptions in the last year. Rejoice! 2017 will certainly mark a vast improvement across all aspects be it conventional wealth, windfall wealth, romance and health!


Career Matters: The 陌越 star is a booster star to help you overcome long standing hurdles, your bosses will be impressed but your reward will be yours only if you continue to convince them that business rejuvenation is long overdue.  Continue to lead the team, inspire them! You must stay positive at all times, do not let the negative people get to you and drag you down with them!


Monkey forms a trinity with Rooster and dog, 申酉戌. If your bazi needs metal, this is a string of strong metal energy which will peak in Aug, Sept period, blessing you with the iron-willed resolve to complete all the outstanding matters. Metal energy represents justice and loyalty, so for Monkey people who had been wrongly misunderstood, truth will prevail during this year and you will know who your true allies are.


Money matters: 2017 is a good year to pitch for as many projects as you can handle. Create new products and services. Also a good year for the entrepreneurs as it is easy to win admiration from your business associates. But it is imperative for Monkey friends not to over-stretch themselves and their luck on high risk matters due to 亡神、天官


Health Matters: 病符 is associated to poor health. In 2017, skin, heart and immunity issues will be your concern. 


Romance & Relationships: Rooster is your Peach Blossom year. The singles will have many opportunities to meet the opposite sex and enjoy great social life. Expect a busy socialising year, get prepared to make new friends, join new social clubs etc. Married couples have to beware of misunderstandings and jealously issues. Opt for honest communication and maintain harmony. You will find people born in year of snake, rat and dragon especially helpful and attracted to you and they will give you unconditional support along the way! 


Bonus Tarot Card Messages for Monkey Zodiac 


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