2017 Pig Forecast

The Posh Pig 
2017 Pig Forcast 
People born in year Pig can look forward to 驿马、地解 stars for an eventful year ahead. The rooster is a metal element which will lovingly supports Pig, a water element. 


Career matters: 驿马 star is a busy traveling star, the working executives will have overseas postings opportunities this year. If you like to broaden your horizon this year outside of home, this year is a good time to discuss with your supervisor on overseas postings opportunities. However take note, your boss may also throw more challenges your way in 2017. Do not despair as there is also a strong energy to help you achieve greater heights and discover new hidden talents which are unknown to you. Likely new changes in your job scope, pushing you out of comfort zone. Continue to upgrade your skill sets and knowledge so that you are able to contribute immensely in your new job scope. 


Money Matters: 地解 is a transformative star, similar to 驿马. Businesses can tap into this energy to innovate your business and change strategies which no longer serves you. You will be able to find new sales channels that way. As this energy brings about changes, trust your instincts and be bold to change course when you sense the need to differentiate yourself from your competitors. 


Health Matters: Take note of the negative stars 丧门、地丧、孤辰 which are also looming in the skies this year which means the health of your loved ones are likely to take a turn for the worst. Sometimes these stars coming into power, may cause the sudden passing of many notable people, local heroes, famous personalities.  


Romance & Relationships matters: For singles, there will be new developments in your current situation. The one whom you have a crush on will make his or her decision swiftly this year. Families may experience more changes with the domestic helpers, your children switching schools or a new family member will join your family.  This will inevitably throw you off your routine and make life more hectic. Luckily there is a 天乙 star in place, so heavenly nobleman will come to your aid. You will be able to work all things out smoothly. 


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