2017 Rooster Forecast

The Pragmatic Rooster 




2017 Rooster Forecast 


“Duty” Tai Sui (Grand Duke): People born in year of Rooster is one of the 4 zodiacs which will have conflict relationship with the Tai Sui in 2017, fortunately Chinese people had been extremely well prepared and there are many Chinese temples around which are already set-up to help the 4 zodiacs perform a good “luck enhancement” ceremony to lessen the yearly impact. 


Career: Your promotion will come when a key position is vacated suddenly. Cultivate patience to wait for better timings to push your point through and not strive for ambitious goals with narrow windows of success in 2017. Thankfully, there are many good stars surrounding our Rooster friends 将星、金匮、岁驾 which brings various heroic personalities, social vigilantes and useful noblemen to the rescue. It will be more favourable for our rooster friends to stay alert and conscious of the current situation, not be too hasty in picking sides and get drawn into office politics. Always get team support or your boss’s blessing when deciding company matters prior to presenting to clients. 


Money matters: In a Tai Sui year like this, it will be much harder to control your spending. Curb the urge to splurge on online spending, turn off the notifications from various online shopping apps if that will help. 伏尸 are likely to cause carelessness & money leakage in 2017. Businesses will do well to stay conservative and postpone ambitious expansion projects. Tighten company expenses and make sure your cash flow is always healthy as it will difficult to recover debts.


Health Matters: Be mindful of allergies, lungs and blood related illness. You will be susceptible to falling ill easily due to seasonal flu bugs. However just ensure adequate recovery time and all will be well. 


Romance & Relationships: Rooster are charming and sociable by nature. But watch your aggression with loved ones and friends alike, your harmless comment might be misconstrued causing misunderstandings. Though rooster friends are in conflict with Grand Duke, the presence of many powerful good stars will support your social skills and you will be able to resolve communication problems provided it is being dealt with asap.


Bonus Tarot Card Messages for Rooster Zodiac





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