About Me


Bazi Practitioner (Four Pillars of Destiny)


FSM Teri Cheow practiced the 3 most up-to-date Chinese metaphysical arts. Birth Chart analysis based on Bazi Reading, Yang house Fengshui for resident and commercial and Qi Men Tun Jia – The art of war.

Her tutelage and knowledge was imparted by internationally renowned grandmasters from Hong Kong, Singapore & Taiwan.

Graduated from Murdoch University (Western Australia) with a honours degree in Biomedical Medical Science in 2002. She had worked for a decade in pharmaceutical MNCs, specialising product management in Oncology (Cancer Medicine) before moving into the field of Chinese Metaphysics.

Her professional background allowed for the harmonisation of hard science with natural science like Chinese Metaphysics, which had been practiced by generations of people over thousands of years, Teri sought to explore the meaningful way of life beyond the shores of scientific means by continuing to bridge the gaps between metaphysical science, superstitious and tradition Chinese culture.

Since 2012, Teri Cheow had been in the metaphysical field of consulting. Institutions, SMEs and private clients had sought her service for Fengshui Audits, Bazi Profiling for key positions hiring, compatibility between business associates, date selections for important life events and general advisories on issues related to metaphysical matters.

Some companies whom had engaged her services included JWT Singapore, Tsao Foundation, Sanga Resorts, One Plantation Impact Investments (Cambodia), Ginger Modern Asian Bistro (Shanghai) etc.