Art of War with Qi Men Dun Jia:
How can it help with winning at work and in love?

QMDJ is fascinating knowledge. It includes heavenly stems – denoting people involved. It includes the Bagua – denoting the macro environment of issue at hand. It also includes the sources of helpful people, where they come from, vice versa, obstacles and how it usually happen to hamper a certain task at hand

It is regarded as the ultimate tool in Chinese metaphysics. Due to its complexity, usually students will nee to acquire adequate knowledge from branches of metaphysics first, e.g. Bazi, Fengshui, I-Jing, Purple stars astrology etc, prior to enrolling themselves into QMDJ

How can QMDJ at battles? i.e at work or in love?

Many will attest that 商场如战场. Building a successful business will require one to face off with their competitors all the time.

The path of true love can sometimes be pretty rough as well, especially for some more than others.

QMDJ was revered by ancient famous military experts, politicians and strategists alike during the three kingdoms period. When every man’s fate was determined by their survival game against powerful enemies surrounding their turf.

In modern times, QMDJ is used to select for the most advantageous hour and direction to GET SOMETHING DONE

A great body of knowledge and priceless treasure to everyday people. QMDJ allows us a window of best opportunity in all kinds of tactical situations, improving our mojo, ability and luck as far as achieving our goals goes

For current day applications, QMDJ had helped clients gaining an edge in business, academic pursuits and romance e.g.

  • Job interviews
  • Business negotiations
  • Pitching of business proposals
  • Presentations in front of a crowd
  • Debt recoveries from recalcitrant debtors
  • Risky activities e.g. trading, gambling (not encouraged)
  • Marriage Proposals
  • Making a good impression for first dates
  • Praying for good health at most auspicious hour
  • Setting best appointment timings for doctor’s appointments