Bazi Chart & Chakra Collaborative Analysis

We are the first and only Metaphysical Consultancy in Singapore (some say JB & Batam) that has invested in a Biofeedback Aura/Chakra Technology imported from USA to provide a comprehensive reading session for our clients.

Combining Human-Computer interfacing technology and application of ancient wisdom

The interactive Aura and Chakra system is the one of the top and most established tech company in the US. The company is at the forefront of developing human-computer interfacing technology.

Based on continuously update their system and biofeedback data, the US based company has developed 7 successful series of Robust Aura Photography cameras.

We are the first and only Metaphysical Consultancy in Singapore to have the ability in providing a comprehensive reading session for our clients’s aura/chakra health.

Aura/Chakra systems belongs to another Eastern established oriental metaphysics has been gaining prominence over the years.

These cameras are powerful in assessing current energy field around our body for physical, emotional issues. Only holistic centres with energy healing capability can fully make use of this technology to offer our clients solutions on energy and emotional healings.


Working with Ame de Lumiere who has been established since 11-11-2011, our clients is able to access both local and international healers who specialising in different modalities such as:


Performance & Spiritual healing:
Reiki Healing
Neuro linguistic programming
Group meditation meetings

Body & Physical healing:
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy(LDT)
Seifu Therapy

Vibrational healing:
Tibetan Singing Bowls
Crystal & Vibroacoustic Sound beds.

Why did we invest in Human-Computer interfacing technology and pair it with Ancient Wisdom?

“The first impression” as we called it is never solely visual. Energy travels like light waves. When people clap eyes on each other for the first time, before the visual reaches your brain for processing, the first thing that hits you is actually the other person’s energy.

To see the current state of energy of a person will reveal more energetic information about an individual. Matching it up with ancient bazi reading will provide a fuller reading which is immensely helpful for the clients vs the usual chart readings which they may already seen other consultants for.

Do take heed. It is always the energy field around someone which will trigger the first emotion within others, before their reactions and interaction takes place.

Therefore looking at someone’s Aura/Chakra field will give us a fuller picture of someone’s current energy state which contributes to their situations.


There is more than you, than you know

You are your personality and your personality is you. Your personality determines your thoughts, actions and manifestations.

Take heed, here’s 3 aspects of you.
The way you think you are.
The way others think of you.
What you truly are.

Aura/Chakra photography can tell much more about you than you know.