Bazi (Destiny Four Pillars reading) by Teri

Energy exchange: $100 per 45 minutes


Understanding your birth chart as early as possible in life gives you a tactical advantage over people who had been “flying blind”.Many clients only come for a reading when they have already hit a rough patch in life.However, the value of knowing in advance empowers you to be your own master of your destiny, not being a slave to it.


In a Bazi reading, the following areas can be covered:


  • People’s perception of your external attributes.
  • Your hidden attributes, values & thought processes which are instrumental in steering major life decisions.
  • The change in your personality over various phase in your life, also known as 10 years luck pillars.

Human Harmony & Relationships:

  • Compatibility of friends, colleagues, supervisors and clients.
  • Compatibility of your marriage partners.
  • Compatibility of your domestic helper and your family.

Career Advisory:

  • Favorable time to for a new job/ new business ventures & partnerships/ business expansions
  • Do you have a businessman bazi and what role should you play in an partnership?
  • Which industry is compatible and favorable to your birth chart?
  • Which job offer is better for you and will you adaptable to new changes, new team & new bosses?
  • Will you make money in near future and long term wise?
  • Best directions for career and new business.
  • The favorable 10 years to achieve your business goals.
  • Who is your “Gui Ren” aka Nobleman?

Romance Advisory to find “The One”:

  • Who, where and when?
  • Do i have problems attracting the right partner?
  • When will i be likely to get married?
  • How many off-springs will I have?
  • Lucky colors and accessories. e.g. A Blue/Green Rolex Submariner for a Man whose lucky element is wood to attract “The One”