Bazi insights:
How to unleash your innate talent and tap into your highest potential?

Bazi readings has existed for thousands of years. It is so useful that many international companies are seeking some form of Bazi clarity on their important hires these days.

Bazi is also known as 4 pillars of destiny based on one’s birthday. So there are 4 pillars i.e. a year, month, day and hour pillar which can reveal a million things about you. Somethings you already know, somethings you don’t know and other things which no one knows until a skilled Bazi Practitioner interacts with you.

In our office, we have helped many clients achieving clarity about themselves, their obvious talents vs hidden talents and prospectively which time periods are advantageous for them to start certain activities.

We have encouraged many clients to stay onto their jobs, quit their jobs, find better jobs.

We have comforted many clients who had many poor encounters with unfruitful relationships with their families, their spouses, their boyfriends, their girlfriends, their teachers, their bosses, their colleagues etc.


We will always try to help our clients gain a new perspective on their stagnant situations, facilitate them to find courage and hope within themselves, so that they can have presumptive knowledge and are better at dealing with their situations.

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