bazi reading for success

Bazi Birth Chart reading has been very popular in recent years. Thanks to the expansion of Chinese Metaphysics community by famous masters in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore, more people are learning about the applications of Bazi in real life.

  • Bazi Birth chart reading to ascertain individual strength, weakness, potential.
  • Are you a power executive type or supportive type?
  • Are you good at team working and how to improve it?
  • How to attract good partners or colleagues in support of your career advancement?
  • How to gain popularity based on Fengshui and energy work?
  • To align careeaspirations according to human’s preference and performance.
  • To select working partners, staff, key management positions and even domestic helpers.
  • Solving human relationship issues, compatibility and timeline for success
  • What is blocking me from attracting a compatible bf/gf?
  • Does my luck help my bf/gf in winning in life?
  • Why is my relationship always not working out?
  • How can i move on from my current relationship?
  • Bazi and health harmony
  • How to improve my vitality and energy levels?
  • Is there a way to help fertility?

The above are just some common applications on how Bazi can help in everyday life. Your Bazi is like your buddy, let it guide you and work with you to achieve:

  • Inner peace, peace of mind
  • Sustainable lifestyle
  • Success
  • Good social relationships with people
  • Love and appreciation
  • Gain helpful benefactors
  • Identify what and who is causing your obstacles
  • Live a life well

Bazi reading is super insightful if one asks the right questions and the practitioner wield it with the good intention to find client pull the fish from the water for more clarity and confidence.

Getting a heads up empowers individuals to take control of their luck. Planning early and be fully prepared for the future will give you tremendous advantage in being a winner in life

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