Date Selection:
Why is it so powerful when coupled with Fengshui & Bazi?

Date Selection is actually very important tool. It is both a remedy and a reference point to calculate the odds of success or degree of obstacles a certain event which normally is not apparent to human’s consciousness

Apart from the fact that Numbers carry special meanings and energy in many metaphysics across different cultures, in chinese metaphysics, we used the Old Huang Almanac which accords the movements of 28 constellations, Yellow belt and black belt dates for specific activities, 5 elements, 24 solar terms etc.

All these data allows for date selection to match a client’s birthday to a certain activity in the most favourable days. By doing so, the client can avoid conflicting energy on the unfavourable days which are known to create obstacles, bad feelings and ill will.

There are a few date selection methods. In our office, date selections are carried out by checking across 3 systems – Bazi, Old Huang Almanac and also Qi Men Dun Jia Date Selection.

We believe that these is the most comprehensive way to carry out date selection and we are one of the fewer offices who will check across all 3 systems to cross match and select for the few possible dates for our clients and their chosen activity.