Fengshui Good Home Criterion

Home Fengshui is under Yang Residence FengShui. With so many great homes to choose from

here are a few things to watch out for in selection of a great home for your and family.

Step 1:

Choose a regular squarish house over an irregular house with prominent missing sectors. There are 8 sectors and 24 mountain which holds meaning and represent different people e.g. Father, mother, 1st son, 1st daughter etc. Prominent missing sectors are difficult to remedy in FengShui. So always choose a regular house over an irregular shape house.

Step 2:

The floor level – this is my personal opinion. In any kind of buildings, I will prefer the units in the middle stories or slightly higher than the middle storeys. I will avoid the lowest stories unless the selling price is irresistible – because too much yin and not enough yang. I will also avoid the highest stories – too much yang and not enough yin. Also the highest units are usually overpriced.
So unless money is not an issue, get as high as you want. Just bear in mind that generally speaking low stories are more grounded – easier to have kids than money. Higher stories are very yang – easier to to wealth than kids.

Step 3:

Bright hall – The area in front of your house is referred to as the Bright hall. This area should be relatively opened, bright and airy. The bright hall is responsible for gathering prosperous Qi and accumulating wealth. If you can choose between a house with wider “bright hall” vs a house with a narrower front area. Choose the house with wider “bright hall”.

Step 4:

Avoid house with “weapons” e.g. blade sha or sharp corner sha due to interior design especially towards main door. It will bring poor health and bad human relationshops.

Step 5:

Avoid house with main door directly facing the Elevator door or other occupant’s door. “Door facing Door” is not very auspicious Fengshui due to lack of privacy and it also carries an energy of conflict and uncertainty. But if your house is already built this way, you can google for ways to minimise or neutralise the Fengshui.

Step 6:

Visible staircases from the door on the left side and the right side carries different meaning.
The left side is the green dragon side, if there is a staircase on the left side of your house, the staircase nearest to your door with descending steps to your door towards you the other way around because it means money flow towards you -easier for career.
If there is a staircases on the right side – white tiger side, this can mean “white tiger open mouth” or it can also mean more activity there which brings conflict. Also weaken the authority of the men in the house.

Step 7:

The ceiling height should not be too low – creating pressure

Step 8:

Avoid houses with too many overhead beams – because it is preferable that you do not see any overhead beams on the ceiling. If there are to many overhead beams, to cure it may require a sizeable amount of renovation.

Step 9:

Avoid house with toilets or kitchen in the middle of house – brings poor health and bad human relationships.

Step 10:

The residence should be bright and airy. Not overshadowed by a huge tree or towered upon by a bigger building which blocks light and air circulation to your house. Too dark is too yin and too much Yin energy in the house may create sense of anxiety, negative feelings and lack of vitality

Step 11:

Look out for sensory Sha Qi e.g. strange scent, loud noises and strange bodily sensation when you enter the house.

With these pointers enhancing your “fengshui nose” at sniffing out good homes, the rest of the
remedies or enhancement can be carried out relatively easier for the Fengshui people.

There are of course other factors e.g. time and space which is too lengthy to list. Trust your
observation and sensory organs. May you 福⼈居福屋 and attract a great house you can build a home within.

“Good Fengshui must be a place of beauty; but a place of beauty may not have good Feng Shui.”