Fengshui Good Office Criterion

Office Fengshui is under Yang Residence FengShui. With so many great offices at different rental rates spreading all over the country

Here are a few things to watch out for in selection of a great office for you and your company.

Step 1: Outer Bright Hall

The front of the main building or the main entrance before the main foot traffic will enter into is named the outer bright hall. Bright hall are important for “accumulation of wealth or prosperous qi”.

On your 1st visit to survey the unit within the building, you should pay attention to the front of the main building.

Most offices have a regular squad of cleaning crew and they are instrumental in the cleanliness. But somehow if you had arrived and the front of the building is somehow untidy and affects your senses. This place may not be for you.

If you are happy with the outer bright hall. Now it’s time to progress to next step – the inner bright hall.

Step 2: Inner Bright Hall

The inner bright hall is the foyer area where foot traffic will wait for the lifts and where security counters are usually situated.

The foyer or entrance into main building should be full of yang energy. It should be relatively an open space, brightly illuminated, immaculate directory of tenants is visible and prominent.

Now, check out the state of energy of the security guards. Due to prolonged exposure of the inner building Qi, the energy of the security guard can be used as a reflection of the general energy of the building and the tenants working here.

Depending on what time you arrived to survey the building, if the security guards looks energetic when they are supposed to be tired; but exhausted when they are supposed to be energetic. This means the Qi here is most probably stagnant and the foot traffic coming here may not be your kind of target audience. Of course the condition of the security guards do not feel good to your senses anyway, this building may not be for you.

Step 3: Look out for sensory Sha Qi.

Congrats! You have passed the bright hall test. Bright hall is always the most important for me (my own opinion), because if the Fengshui there is no good, it will affect the gathering of prosperous Qi. And Fengshui people like us are unable to do much, because the bright hall does not belong to the tenant of a unit.

Assuming now you are already at the level where your prospective office is waiting for your surveying. Examine the path from where foot traffic will step out of the lift and proceed to that choice office.

Is this place too overcrowded or too cold without the warmth expected from a busy place? Is the passage way dimly lit? Is there a strange scent or odour which should not be present? Is the colours on the wall or little things e.g small mouldy patches here and there, paint peelings off the wall offensive to you? Is it very noisy that day?

In Fengshui, we are look out for Sha Qi. A few common ones are: Noise Sha, Scent Sha. Granted that most offices will be relatively noisy and lingering scent from food, garage, perfume etc.

But it should not be the first thing and so overpowering that offends you, especially when you are out on office hunting. No matter how attractive the rental is, be courageous to walk away.

In Fengshui, Yin and Yang balance produces harmony. The above signs will disturb the harmony especially if it is noticeable. If it is noticeable by you, it will be noticeable by others.

Think about it, when your client look for you in your office. If they happened to be affected by the energy of the outer spaces even before they stepped into your office or retail space for that matter. It creates obstacles for you even before you try to make a sale.

Step 4: Personal Bright Hall

Your main door to your office is very important.
The immediate area outside your office door is your personal “bright hall.” The bigger that area is compared to other choices units, the better that unit is good for gathering prosperous qi and wealth accumulation.

Step 5: No “weapons” pointing at your main office door

Stand at the main door and look out 180 degrees from left to right.

Watch out for “Weapons” – refers to “blade sha” or corner “sha” which forms by the sharp corners of the interior design. If there are overwhelming Sha Qi, the tenant in this unit will face pressure and possible stress related injury. Also the tenant here likely attract less benefactors and troublesome staff, clients, repairmen, authorities etc.

Of course some sha qi is to be expected and can be minimised by Feng Shui people like us. In fact, there is a “要快发,⽃三煞” FengShui remedies. Made famous by a certain bank in Hong Kong who also employed such tactics. If you win against the Sha Qi, your business will turn profit very fast

But if you are visiting on your own and during the visit you feel physical unwell e.g. breathless, allergies, headaches etc. These are signs of your energy reacting to the area, do not underestimate your own abilities and instincts. Being aware of your body is always better than ignoring it.

Step 6:

The space here is big enough for a boss area which has window access. At the boss area, your viewpoint is not obstructed by “ugly formation” e.g. building of odd shapes, a mountain with holes, or visible triangle shapes or pointy buildings or an expressway curving towards your boss area. Triangle shapes are “fire shapes”, usually it brings fiery temper to the occupants and it is also a also a form or “weapon sha”.

If you can see a relatively wide and open area – Good Fengshui.
If you can see water flowing towards you in a gentle and wavy form – Good Fengshui.

With these 4 pointers enhancing your “fengshui nose” at sniffing out good offices, the rest of the remedies or enhancement can be carried out relatively easier for the Fengshui people.

There are of course other factors e.g. time and space which is too lengthy to list. Trust your observation and sensory organs to pick out your choices office.

“Good Fengshui must be a place of beauty; but a place of beauty may not have good Feng Shui.”