Fengshui House Flying Star 2019

Flying star Fengshui is the most popular and commonly practiced by the FengShui people.

Flying Star Fengshui is developed and widely accepted for its richness in details and also take care of an age-old issue – it determines the decay of both prosperous and outdated Fengshui energies overtime.

To be able to carry out a Flying Star energies is simple. You will just need to determine where is the facing and directly opposite will be the seating of your residence. You will also need the year of completion for your house (the house birthday).

Based on that a calculation of the Flying stars can be carried out, dividing a space into 8 sectors.
Then a detail sector by sector will reveal the energies which will allow us to allocate the most suitable occupant to that space, to carve out a space for important placement of key fixtures e.g. the marital bed, the commanding position for work desk or study desk, wealth corners, health sectors, romance spaces etc.