How to create luck through metaphysics?

The most powerful Fengshui is simply the trinity union of Heaven .. Earth .. Man – 天地人 三合.

Heaven can be interpreted Universal consciousness. i.e Events influenced by ultimate power beyond the understanding of human consciousness e.g. planetary movements. God.

Earth refers to the competitive environment which is shared by all humans.

Finally, man can be understood as going with the flow for everything he or she does, in accordance to 天道 – Heaven’s will.

You have definitely heard of the secret to success is doing the right things at the right time

Is it easy to do it? Do you know when is the right time and what are the right things?

天人地 三合 ( Trinity Union of Heaven Man & Earth)

Chinese Metaphysics facilitate the union of Heaven, earth and man through a few ways.


First of all, Universal consciousness is designed to act beyond our control and we should not fight it. Confucius famously quoted 君君臣臣父父子子 which later are indoctrinated into many imperial strategies whipped up for Emperors and his court officials. It simply means “Man do not fight with Heaven. Son do not fight with Father. Court ministers do not fight with their Emperor” perhaps not directly anyway.

Truly understanding this concept will allow enlightenment in all things we do and confers a higher level understanding in many complex situations.

One will then be able to know how to pick their battles wisely; to know how to gather the right people together; and when is the most appropriate time to launching their ideologies to the world. Achieving what we advocate as “Going with the Flow.”


Earth is quite simply, creating the most favourable environment for you to succeed, to be happy and available resources to carry on your mission. Environment refers to your house and your office. Fengshui is the art of creating harmony and balance in our living spaces.


By knowing the above, man will already have some understanding on going with the flow. However, Man has one important lifelong job to do.

  • Man has to always cultivate virtues e.g. humility;
  • Man has to know their values e.g. honesty
  • Man has to develop the mastery over everything related to themselves, e.g. a good control over their actions and emotions.