Feng Shui Golden Dragon symbol of Power – Fengshui enhancer & remedies



Material – Fiber

Weight – 110gm

( L X W X H ) – 5.5cm X 10cm X 7.5cm

Feng Shui Dragon is a powerful symbol of success, good fortune and is known for guarding against the evil spirits. The dragon represents yang, a symbol of male vigor and fertility.

It is believed that the dragon has the power to control the wind, clouds, and rain. In ancient times, when the agriculture was the most important way of sustaining life, the dragon was regarded as the god of rain.

Where to place:-

1. The best place to display this dragon is on the east sector of your home or office to be blessed with endless feng shui benefits

2. It can also be placed beside a water feature your location which will provide enhancement for those seeking promotions, command & reputations.

3. It is believed that it helps in speedy recovery from illness

4. When it is placed behind your chair, it is believed to attract support from your superiors.

5. It helps you to discover your hidden potential & actualize in fulfilling your dream.

Above suggestions are based on feng shui/vastu mythology

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