Feng Shui Wooden Deer- pair -Symbol of longevity & good health



Feng Shui Wooden Deer- a pair

Made in wood

Size- 4 Inches

Deer Known for its endurance, grace, and long life, the deer is a popular Feng Shui symbol for longevity. The word for deer in Chinese is lu which translates to mean income. Consequently, the combined meanings represent a prosperous long life. In Chinese art the deer is depicted with court officials; it is said that this signifies a wish for fame, recognition and a long, successful career. The Chinese are incredibly skilled at assigning deeper meanings to various symbols to represent a condition or energy. Walking through their country is a true education on Chinese symbols. Among the myriad of symbols, the Chinese symbol(s) for longevity are widespread and quite intriguing. A long, healthy, prosperous life is one of the most admirable and highest goals of humanity. It only makes sense that the Chinese along with so many other cultures would establish many symbols to represent the facets of longevity

Place it on the east wall at your bedroom or working desk

Highly recommended by Feng Shui Consultant

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