Our Services

Mission statement

Integrating Fengshui principles with our way of life will optimise individual performance in the short term, increase lifetime accomplishments and success in the long term by inspiring the motivation for major inner transformation.


1. Prospering life with authentic Fengshui to create unlimited opportunities and success towards their highest potential.

2. To be the source of your own power.

3. To bring on the realisation that prosperity and opportunities are engineered to happen together with higher human consciousness.


1. Looking after the best interest of our clients in every thing we do.

2. Delivering best advisory and company services towards the highest good for our clients.

3. Driving meaningful transformation in our clients’ lives with passion and yet respecting individual progress with great humility

4. Building an open and honest relationship with communication.

5. Raising human consciousness capital of the world together with all mankind.

our services include

Bazi Consultation

Bazi Luck & Energy Healing

Residential & Commercial Feng Shui Services

Almanac Date Selection

Qi Men Dun Jia Art of War Date Selection